Facts about Yorkshire Terriers


This article will encompass a lot of basic facts about Yorkshire Terriers. It will tell the origins of Yorkies. Additionally, it will show a bit about their personalities. The illnesses that Yorkshire Terriers are prone to will also be summarized. You will get to know a little bit about what having a Yorkshire Terrier as a pet is like. Yorkies are delightful prized companions. They are suitable pets because they have a calm temperament as well as a loving spirit. These small animals can be playful as well. While other terriers, such as rat terriers, are more suited to chase pests, these terriers can be dressed up and paraded around. The following article will go into their origin, personality, illnesses, and how they rank as a pet.
History of the Yorkshire Terrier
Yorkshire Terriers are small dogs that can be meticulously groomed. Some owners choose to grow out their hair and find that their coats can be long and luscious. This dog originated from England, as the name suggests. They came from Yorkshire, England originally, to be more exact. The dog emerged in the 19th century. Sometimes the owners will call these pets Yorkies for short. There were people from Scotland that brought these dogs with them to England. Here they bred the terriers from Scotch Terriers. These terriers were different than the Scottish Terriers of today’s world. The Yorkshire Terrier got its own name because it was improved upon so greatly when the terriers were bred in Yorkshire.
The Personality of your Yorkie
The Yorkie is a pet that is an interesting mix of feisty and needing of attention. The Yorkie is a proud dog and will carry its head high. However, owning this pet is no walk in the park. You might not want to have this pet if you have small children. They don’t behave as tame as other dogs do and may not be as prone to listening. Children that are over 10 years old however should manage fine around this animal. They will be at an age where they can respect the space and autonomy of the animal.
The Yorkie, believe it or not, is actually a working animal. This means that it needs walks and games to keep it interested. If you keep your Yorkie happy physically and mentally, you will be rewarded with a docile nature when it’s time to relax. However, if you are negligent, you may find that your pet will bark and act out of turn.
There are always solutions when it comes to Yorkshire Terriers. If your dog is too attuned to noises, you might need to train it to not bark. Also, you don’t need huge walks to keep the dog happy. This is a small pup and doesn’t need the same miles that a large dog craves.
What Illnesses are Yorkshire Terriers Prone to?
The Yorkie has a sensitive digestive system. This means that it might get sick if it eats something that it is not used to. It is also prone to lung infections and eye problems. If you have to put your dog under anesthesia, expect this to be a risky process. At the very least, it might make your dog feel very sick. If the dog has to have injections, you can expect skin reactions.
The Yorkshire Terrier might not always like to cuddle, but it’s a solid companion. With a mind of its own, you can know that you dog will be entertaining as well as likes to be entertained. A Yorkie will typically live for 13 to 20 years. The undersized Yorkies live for shorter spans.

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