Dog Names of Oprah Winfrey


Oprah Winfrey, who is currently famous TV talk show host, is proud owner of a few dogs. She likes and roots the underdog. She always tries to make a winner out of the underdogs. Here are the Oprah Winfrey dogs with names and breed. Some are from animal shelter.
Prior to 2005, she already owns Sophie and Solomon. Both are Cocker Spaniel. Sophie grows black curly fur, while Solomon grows dark brown or chocolate color curly fur. Both good dog names relate to wisdom. Sophie is a name which means wisdom in Greek. In various origins, Sophia, Sofia, Sofie, Sophy, Sophey, Sofija, Sofiya, and Zofia are the few variations of the Sophie.
Solomon means peace in Hebrew. In the Holy Bible, Solomon is the son of King David and Queen Bathsheba. Solomon became famous for his great wisdom. He wrote the book of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon.
In 2005, Oprah decided to adopt two Golden Retrievers. When she got to the breeder, she saw another dog. She could not resist the temptation to adopt another Golden Retriever. She gave Layla, Luke, and Gracie as the cute dog names.
Layla means beautiful dark hair lady in Arabic. Although the Golden Retriever grows blond or yellow color fur, she gave the name to the dog. Nevertheless, the name is still a beautiful dog name.
Luke means bringer of light in Spanish. Lucanus, Lucius, Lucian, Lukas, Lucien, and Lucio are some of the variations of Luke.
Gracie literally means grace which is also a name. In various origins, Gracia, Gracee, Grazia, Grayce, Gratia, Gracija, Graciela, and Gracey are some of the variations of the Gracie. Sadly, Gracie passed away in an accident. Gracie choked on clear plastic ball toy that belongs to Sophie. Everyone tried hard to revive the life of Gracie, but all efforts failed. Oprah was deeply hurt.
Recently, Oprah adopted two more Cocker Spaniels from Paws Chicago. She named the dogs as Sadie and Ivan. After a few days, the two puppies got infected with Parvovirus. It is transmitted thru fecal matter and vomit of infected dogs. Hence, the virus is easily brought from shoes, tires, and clothes of someone.
She took both puppies to the vet. In a few days, Ivan failed to recover from the illness. In the fourth day, the condition of Sadie has gotten worst. Luckily, Sadie recovers on the fifth day. The white blood cells rise in count. Even though Ivan just live with Oprah for a few days, Oprah was sad to see Ivan pass away.
Ivan is the Russian variation of John. It means God is gracious. Ivano, Iwan, Ivanhoe, and Ifan are some of the variations of Ivan.
Sadie is variation of Sarah. In Hebrew, Sarah means princess. The variations of Sadie are Sade, Sadia, Sadye, Sadee, and Zadie. The variations are from various origins as well.
Sophie and Solomon lived a long life. With old age, Sophie and Solomon passed away. Both were well in the teens in human years. We will always remember Sophie, Solomon, and Gracie in our hearts and mind. Paws Chicago, which is the largest animal shelter in Chicago, dedicated a room for Sophie.
Oprah Winfrey put great effort to improve the life of dogs. She likes to root the underdog and turn the underdog a winner. We are grateful for her efforts. And, we will always remember her.

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