7 Reasons Why Your Cat Needs a Jacket!


To keep your best friend safe and sound.

Stop worrying about all those dangers your cat faces every time he leaves the house unaccompanied. Risks such as poisoning, paralysis ticks, snake and spider bites, attack by dogs or feral cats or vehicle collision are greatly reduced if he/she is in a CatWalkingJacket on the end of a leash controlled by you!

To protect the fauna around your home.

You may love your cat dearly but it is a fact of life that most cats are killers! It is incredibly difficult and unrealistic to make a cat  overcome their natural instinct to hunt and kill, but most cat owners have felt the shame when their well-fed darling comes home with a mortally injured or dead animal. If you love all animals then you need to protect them all!

To give those ‘indoor’ cats some ‘outside’ time.

Perhaps you live in an apartment block and your cat hasn’t figured out how to use the lift- yet! Thousands of cats have had to live an indoor life because of location. Indoor cats can get bored, frustrated and ultimately end up driving you crazy! Scratched furniture, damaged ornaments and chewed fabrics don’t contribute to a great relationship with your cat. The CatWalkingJacket will open up a whole new world of excitement and entertainment for your cat, even if they have not had the opportunity to develop those outdoor survival skills.

To give you the opportunity to bond more deeply with your cat.

Because of its unique shape and 3 strap fastening system the CatWalkingJacket is quick and easy to put on – leaving you with more quality time with your pet. Whether you spend that time lazing on the patio or exploring the depths of your garden/beach/park is entirely up to the two of you!

For travel – imagine being able to take your cat on holiday with you!

Most owners have been reluctant to take their cats on vacation because they fear that their pet may run away and be unable to find their way back in an unfamiliar environment. The CatWalkingJacket allows you to explore new places together without the worry. 

To provide more security when you need it most

Visits to the vet, administering medication, checking for ticks,etc. The CatWalkingJacket provides you with something firm to hold onto even if your cat is wriggling to get away.

Cats are notoriously strong-willed, so a regular leash and collar just isn’t going to work!

The jacket has to be tough. A CatWalkingJacket is strong, secure and durable yet comfortable and easy to use. It is made of a sports nylon fabric and it’s unique shape securely ‘cradles’ the cat’s body and has 3 secure fastening points. We used the jacket on a cat who had reacted strongly against wearing an ordinary collar when he came out of quarantine but he was fine with the CatWalkingJacket and, in fact, he is now quite happy to leave his jacket on when he is inside!

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