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This article was put together to provide you with facts pertaining to Croatia. In my opinion, it is important to make the facts easily available to my readers. Because I prefer to distribute factual articles, I will typically put in several hours of research to find important facts that will educate the reader. A typical article is written in paragraph format, unlike my articles which clearly display a listing of key facts. The format of our articles are preferable by most of our readers, because the relevant facts are easy to find.
There has been a great deal of time research that has gone into writing and preparing this article for you. You can see below the facts that we have found. The facts are important so pay attention to them. Many of these facts will give you a starting point as you continue researching:

Croatia has an impressive history, a fact that is best explained through the vast array of sites worth visiting.

Croatia was the first country in Europe to start with the concept of commercial naturist resorts.

Croatian Radio-Television, HRT, is the state owned public broadcaster and is financed by advertising and a license fee.

Croatia was admitted on May 25, 2000 into the Partnership for Peace program, which was designed by North Atlantic Treaty Organization member states in 1994 to strengthen Euro-Atlantic security and, in May 2002, was welcomed into NATO’s Membership Action Program, a key step toward NATO membership.

Croatia has a three-tiered judicial system, consisting of the Supreme Court, county courts, and municipal courts.

Americans, Australians, Canadians and many other nationals can enter Croatia with a valid passport and without a visa.

Croatian cuisine is quite diverse so it is hard to say what meal is most typically Croatian.

KEEP READING — That’s right. Keep reading and you will find more information pertaining to Croatia. Below this paragraph are additional facts that will aide you in your research:

Although many tourist business owners may accept euros, Euros are not legal tender in Croatia.

Another flight which is popular (available in the summer months only) is between Split and Osijek, saving a long trip back through Croatia, or alternatively through the middle of Bosnia.

To enter Croatia, a driver’s license, an automobile registration card and vehicle insurance documents (including Green Card) are required.

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