How to Train a Siberian Husky Dog


If you own a husky dog then you probably have at least 1 problem that you would want to correct. Most husky owners have far more than just 1 problem and this website will help you deal with those problems. Before we begin you should understand that huskies are pack dogs and they’re still not that far off from their wolf ancestors.
In the wild a husky dog is part of a pack and someone is the alpha dog of that pack. Your household is the pack, and if nobody is the alpha dog your husky assumes that’s his role. There are 3 levels of ranks that your husky knows: The alpha dog, which is the trusted “dog” of the pack that takes care of all the needs; there’s the husky that obeys and respects the alpha dog, and there’s everyone else below the husky who the husky doesn’t have to listen to.
So if you are the alpha dog and you earned respect from your husky then you will be respected and your husky will obey your commands. I’m sure you know many cases where a dog listens to only 1 person but ignores everyone else’s commands. That’s because the husky sees that one person as the leader. And since everyone else isn’t the alpha dog the husky doesn’t have to listen to them.
So what do you do to become the alpha dog? Provide everything that you need, food, shelter, protection, make the rules and enforce them, don’t abuse or wrongly punish your husky. Spend time together and treat him with respect. Those are some of the things required to become the alpha dog.
The rule of the wild is this: The pack leader eats first, then the rest. So when it’s feeding time for your husky, eat first, and then feed your husky. When you’re walking and your husky is in the way, don’t go around or step over him. He will think that he’s in charge. Instead, move him out of the way. In the wild the pack leader doesn’t go around the others, instead, they all make way.
Don’t let your husky sleep on the bed with you, as you’re putting him equal to the alpha dog. At least not until a firm understanding has been established that you’re the alpha dog.
Restrict your husky from entering certain rooms and give him a space of his own. If you let the husky go anywhere he wants and do anything he wants to he will think he’s the alpha dog!
When you want to pet your husky don’t come to him! Call him to you and then you can pet him. You have to think like a dog and think what the alpha dog would do in the wild.
Your husky puppy doesn’t think like humans do. If you don’t catch your husky puppy in the act, yelling or hitting (which you should never do) will only confuse your dog and complicate further training.
Punishments should almost never be given out; instead, use the most proper method of dog training – the positive reinforcement method. Just like you could catch your puppy in the act (which you rarely can) and try to teach him what is wrong, you should teach your puppy what is right and reward him greatly for it.
Imagine a scenario where your puppy is crying and barking because it wants attention (and not to go to the bathroom, because that’s different). You, as a smart puppy trainer, should know that you shouldn’t give your puppy attention when it barks and cries because it will ultimately associate barking with getting attention. So next time your puppy wants attention, it will start barking knowing you will come running. Instead, ignore your husky puppy until he stops barking completely – only then you can give your husky puppy attention, treats, and praise.
You can eliminate the barking problem altogether by training your puppy to bark on command. When you reward your husky puppy as he barks on command, your puppy will understand that it’s only good to bark when you say so – ultimately preventing your puppy from barking altogether unless you tell him to. I have written a complete Siberian husky training guide for owners just like you.

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