5 Tips To Attract Women

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When you are single you want to attract women – period. You want to date as many women as you can to find someone who matches your personality, needs, and wants. These tips will help you to attract women to you so you can date to your heart’s content.

Lose Any Desperation.

This is one of the most important things to remember. When you have a hard time getting something you want, including women, you may radiate a certain amount of desperation. When it comes to attracting women this is a huge attraction killer! You will end up repelling more women that attracting them. So try not to feel desperate but instead excited for the women to come.

Learn From The Pro’s.

The guys who always get the women know what they are doing so museumbola watch what they do when they are interacting with women. Watch how they talk, move, and act around women. Take mental notes in your head and figure out what they are doing that you are not. Then go out and learn how to do those things that you are missing from your approach.
For example, if you find that they have all the confidence in the world and you tend to be extremely insecure around women, then go out and learn how to be more confident. There are plenty of books and courses to take to do so. You just have to take the initiative to learn and you will be rewarded.

Be Yourself.

Do not watch someone else and try to copy their every move. It will come across as fake and dishonest, and she will spot those traits instantly. You want her to be attracted to the real you and not the fake you. Being fake also sends off that attraction killer desperation, and you will send her running when show any sign of it.

Lose The Ego.

There is a fine line between being self-confident and thinking you are god’s gift to women. If you boast a huge ego when you approach women then you will turn them off instantly. Women want a man who is confident in himself, and not a man who is arrogant and big-headed.

Do Not Use Guilt.

Women are prone to wanting to help others. This means that if you use guilt on a woman, and make her feel bad for you, then you may be able to get a lot of woman to go out with you. BUT if you do this remember that you are never going to have a good relationship with any woman.
You may get a date or two out of it. Heck, you may even get a girlfriend. But the only reason she is sticking around is to help you out and make you feel better. Once she realizes that you are using guilt to hold on to her she will dump your pathetic ass and move on. So avoid using guilty with her and instead charm you way into her mind.

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