Sadie Jackson – Stood Up

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“I cannot believe this is happening again!” an agitated Sadie exclaimed out loud to the empty seat across from her. She had been rather proud of herself yesterday when she let go of the space of hate in her heart for the idiot who had forgotten to call her when an emergency kept him from meeting for their first date.
One week ago, after an hour of sitting at a table in the coffee shop, pretending to look like she was meant to be there alone, she finally walked out regally holding her back rigid and her head high. She vowed she would not give that fool the dignity of even a phone call to find out what happened. She would NOT respond to his emails. When he called to apologize profusely, she would hang up without so much as a word.
Of course, that was all in her mind. In reality as soon as she got home, she logged into her account to see if there was a message from him. There was not. She then sent him a text to see if he was all right. No response. Then she left him a scathing voice message letting him know that she expected to be treated better; that she deserved the respect of at least a phone call if he could not keep the date; that her time was far more valuable than wasting it on the likes of him. Instead of feeling better, once again, Sadie was more crushed than a soda can run over by a car.
She sought solace from her best friend, Lindy, who seemed to be far more reasonable in seeing all sides of a situation. She agreed that Sadie’s first response would have been more appropriate, just leave it be and move on. Chalk it up to another fatality of online dating. Then while they were hiking, Sadie answered a call from the fool who had stood her up. He was full of apologies, explaining that his little girl had fallen at the playground and cut her chin. He had taken her to the emergency room, and in the midst of that drama completely lost track of time and of the scheduled date.
He begged for another chance saying that he had enjoyed his conversations and email exchanges with Sadie, and was terribly disappointed at having missed the chance to meet her. All Sadie’s bravado seeped into the ground cover of the trail she was hiking, and with it her resolve to never subject herself to another disappointment.
Lindy’s voice of reason also encouraged her to be open. “If he sounded sincere and you really want to meet him, then what have you got to lose,” she had asked Sadie.
“My pride,” was Sadie’s reply. Yet, she was touched by his calling and besides, what kind of heartless monster would she be not to understand that his little girl’s need for stitches was a priority?
So, here she is sitting once again at Barnes & Nobles alone at a table for twenty minutes now. She purposely arrived on time, not early.
“I must be the fool,” she dryly offered the empty space across from her. As she reached for her phone to call Lindy, a call was coming in.
“Is it your turn to stand me up?” Bill’s voice greeted her.
“Don’t even go there,” screeched Sadie into her cell phone. I have been sitting here waiting for you. How could you be such a jerk?”
“Sadie, what are you talking about? I’ve been here for over half an hour. I have watched every person walk through the door.”
“Bill, I don’t know what game you are playing, but I am not interested. Let’s just forget it. I am going home.” Sadie hung up the phone and walked out to her car. Only once inside did she allow the tears to flow.”
“Dear Sadie, please find in the attachment a copy of a receipt of a book purchased 5 minutes after we spoke on the phone this afternoon. I was at the bookstore as we agreed. I purchased a book to show you that I was there. Obviously you were upset today. I apologize if I contributed to that. However, I am not sure how. I arrived at the designated place early in anticipation of meeting you.
I am very confused that you did not see me. I am even more surprised that you hung up so abruptly. Maybe this is not such a good idea, although I like to give everything a chance of 3. Please consider giving it one more chance. Let’s scratch Barnes & Noble. Let’s meet for breakfast.”
Sadie is greeted by this email when she logs into her email account. The receipt clearly shows May 10th and it IS from Barnes & Noble. HOW CAN THAT BE?
“I was there!” she shouted to her laptop. “This is crazy!”
So of course, Sadie dialed Lindy’s number. “Lindy, you are not going to believe this. I am looking at a copy of a receipt that Bill emailed to me. He purchased a book at B&N today. The time confirms he was there. It makes no sense.”
“Hmmmm, that’s weird. Sadie, are you sure you knew what he looked like? You haven’t the best luck with meeting men who match their profile pictures?”
“Not again. If that’s the case, I really don’t want to meet him. He asked me for a third chance. None of this makes sense.”
“Sadie, I just thought of something. Look at the address on the receipt.”
“The address? Oh my goodness! Lindy this is so funny! He WAS at B&N, but in South Nashua! I was in Manchester. Now whose fault is that?”
“Sadie, knowing you the way I do, my bets are on you confusing the meeting place.”
“Lindy, that is so unfair. You know, come to think of it. We did not specify one. I guess I just assumed we’d meet there since he lives in Manchester.”
“Interesting, Sadie. I am guessing that because you live in Nashua, that he went there. This guy sounds pretty nice, actually.”
“He wants to meet for breakfast. Where should we go?”
“Why don’t you let him decide and make sure you get the address AND name of the place you are meeting. Oh, and Sadie, make sure you get the right day.”
“Very funny!”
Sadie Jackson, a fictional heroine, is back on the dating scene for the third time. After two trial marriages, she is bound and determined to get it right. She can be nauseatingly optimistic and enjoys recounting her dating experiences with humor and compassion. Follow her dating escapades in this work of fiction that will be updated on a regular basis.

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