The Unvarnished Truth About Lying in a Relationship

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The Unvarnished Truth About Lying in a Relationship
“The truth is rarely pure and seldom {simple|straightforward” recounted Oscar Wilde. Perhaps, that’s what makes lying in a relationship very common. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make it right.
Lying in a relationship is a problem of almost all couples. Every couple reaches a point where one of the partners tells untruths about something: it could be an irrelevant lie that is supposed to forestall the other partner from discontentment or a significant lie that may break the trust between partners, when exposed. Regardless, relationship standing mostly on half-truths and deliberate intentions of deception isn’t a satisfying and cheerful one.
But in what way do you deal with lying in a relationship? Is there a technique to show the truth and deal with irrespective of what the problem surfaces without sacrificing the integrity of your romantic relationship? Here are some tips:

Detect the deception. If you happen to feel your other half is not being quite truthful with you, you’ll have to be certain your feeling is right. There are various ways to detect dishonesty but the easiest way to detect lying in a relationship is to watch out for the non-verbal indications of lying. Non-verbal behaviour{, or body language|(body language), rarely if ever lies. According to psychological specialists, shorter responses, speech errors, a lot of er’s, um’s or ah’s, frequent blinking as well as nervousness are all body indications showing that a person is lying.

Find out the truth. If your suspicion is correct, i.e. your other half is truly not to be trusted, you need to try to find out the truth. The best way to achieve that is by having a talk with them. The general public find discussing such a problem with their romantic partner rather difficult. This is natural and normal reaction: nobody is eager to find out a truth that will potentially hurt them. But to handle lying in a relationship, you must ask all the questions. Talk to your other half quietly and do not turn the discussion into a cross-examination. Do your best to figure out what the truth really is and the reason why they had the necessity to be dishonest with you.

Rebuild trust. Therefore you’ve discovered that your other half has been lying and you’ve figured out the reasons why this had occurred. The next step to fixing the problem’s to be sure this never happens in the future. In other words, the two of you need to aim towards rebuilding the trust that was at first present in your relationship. This means that your better half needs to swear they will never lie to you again and you’ll have to look into your behavior and ensure you don’t incite them to lie again.

Handling lying in a relationship isn’t straightforward and occasionally may be very annoying. But the undeniable fact that you have caught your better half in a lie doesn’t mean your relationship must end. Handle the matter quietly and with dignity and try and resolve it.

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