Signs You Are Obsessed With Someone

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Are you obsessed with someone? It can be easy to become obsessed with someone if you feel as if they are going to make you happier, better, or more fulfilled in life. Ironically, the truth is that they are not going to be doing any of those things, you just think they are. You are the only one who can make yourself happier, better, or more fulfilled.
3 Signs You Are Obsessed With Someone

You Miss Doing Things You HAVE To Do Because of The Chance

If you are missing commitments to work, family, or friends because you are sitting around in hopes to see someone or hear from them, then you may be obsessed with someone.
Missing commitments in your life just on the chance that you might see someone or talk to someone shows that you can’t miss out on that person, even if you theres the possibility you wont see them. Commitments are called commitments for a reason! They are the things you have to do to further your relationships with your family or friends, and they can also be meetings that will further you in your life. You don`t want to miss commitments because you are obsessed with someone. This will just cause regrets later in life when you are no longer obsessed with that person!

You Miss Doing Things You WANT To Do

This is bad because you are pausing your life for someone else. Life is meant to be enjoyed! There are things in life you want to do because they bring you joy and happiness. When you start missing out on things that you want to do, you are denying yourself the joy and happiness you deserve.
I have done this. Instead of hanging out with my friends (what I wanted to do) I sat by the phone hoping that a guy would call. I missed the moments with my friends, and guess what…that guy never ended up calling! This is not a rare thing to happen. Missing things you want to do is a huge sign that you are obsessed with someone.”

Your Other Relationships Are Suffering

This is true whether you are obsessed with someone you are dating or someone you want to date. Your other relationships will start to take a back burner to your obsession and you will find that your friends and family will start to feel more distant from you. They will become second place to your obsession.
A lot of times you don’t really notice this at first. You are so focused on someone else that you just forget about you other relationships for a while. But after some time you will notice that you are feeling the disconnection from your friends or family, and this is when you know that you are giving too much to that ‘someone’ and not enough to your relationships that were there before this ‘someone’.

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