Epiks Dog shoes: Heavenly footwear for your pooches


Your pet pooches love you no matter how you are. They hardly expect anything from their master except for the regular food treats. Dog masters, these days, are being very health conscious though. As a result of which they tend to make the most of the gadgets or accessories available in the market that would ensure maintenance of both their own and their canine loved one’s hygiene and premium health.
Dogs generally possess a migratory instinct in them and to satisfy the same it is essential that we take them out on regular walks. This helps keep the health of both the dog and the master at its peak. It is obvious that you would attire yourself perfectly with the right kind of track pants and comfortable sneakers for your walking exercise regime. It is your pooches that, badly enough, cannot express verbally, its needs. Dog paws are soft and if the place you going to walk on is rocky your poor beasty friends would experience slight pain with the pokey sharp edges of stones and other articles found scattered around. Also, unlike you, your pooches have the tendency to carry a lot of dirt on its paws when there is nothing to protect its feet. This dirt along with the unseen bacteria in them enter the house and all the places that your pet visits. That is the last thing you need, being aware of the health hazards these foreign particles may cause.
These problems are universal and as a solution to it many companies have started manufacturing dog shoes. Epiks is one such company that was established in 2002, as a division of the parent company called Inafiction Inc. in Los Angeles, California. From a garment and a textile manufacturing company it has recently ventured into the pet clothing and accessory market.
The two main aspects of significance of dog shoes is safety and style. Epiks guarantees both these aspects along with added comforts with the kind of raw material used in the making of these shoes. Epiks uses the same material used in expensive basketball shoes, in the manufacture of your little four-legged angels. The material used for the sole of the dog shoes is called the thermoplastic rubber (TPR) which is skid-free, flexible and provides a protective insulation against cold surfaces in places with extreme low temperatures. The shoes have a stable grip because its geared with prodigious zipper that leaves no loosely gripped edges around the ankles thus having the shows stay in place even while running. It is also 30% lighter in weight than its fellow manufacturer’s shoes, thus reducing the pressure on the limb muscles of your pooches.
In the looks criteria as well, Epiks has aced its competitors by providing an extensive variety of shoes with various color combinations in its body and soul. It is not very different than a human shoe in the way its built. Also, Epiks shoes has taken utmost care in designing shoes for both front and hind legs with slight differences in the angle in which the dog feet are aligned while moving from one place to another. The secret to the ‘floating in the air’ feeling of the shoe is the addition of a special Memory foam combined with the TPR to give your dogs the most beautiful walking and running experience.

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