Basic Information about Dinosaurs


We have heard a lot of stories about dinosaurs. We know they existed many years before our time. We have seen movies and read articles about dinosaurs that state some interesting facts and fascinating ones about them. The stories of dinosaurs help us understand better the history of our planet. It has given us ideas on how the world really exists.
Based from the facts that we read, we have known that dinosaurs has unique characteristics from all other regular reptile. An example is the raptor. They are small but have high levels of intelligence that gives them an advantage when hunting preys. Their mode of communication uses sounds in order to communicate to other kinds of dinosaurs.
Raptors are likened to eagles and falcons, but fiercer. It had traits very similar to birds. Studies even show these raptors having feathers in their bodies as well. Raptors hunt in groups. This characteristic makes raptor a social reptile. There are many other facts available about dinosaurs. The ones stated above are just a few of those facts that are written.
Another important fact about dinosaurs is that they have been extinct for over 65 million years ago. Although there have been debates about the extinction of dinosaurs, there are no final facts about their extinctions. All facts are still subject for further studies.
There are numerous explanations accounting for their extinction. One explanation revolves around asteroids and multiple collisions, plus environmental factors. Another explanation offered is the massive volcanic eruption of a volcano. This implies that volcanic eruptions were happening even in the age of dinosaurs. Upon eruption, the earth is covered with sulfur dioxide that blankets the earth’s surface. This cloud blocks the heat and light of the sun that was suppose to enter the earth. This made the earth’s temperature to plummet and it killed all the living things during those times.
There are many kinds of dinosaurs but the most popular is the T-rex. a complete list of all dinosaurs can be found in the archeology and paleontology books.
Dinosaurs are classified into two orders – the Saurischia and the Ornithischia. The Saurischia are the group that walked in the surface of earth. They have hip joints which allow them to walk. T-rex belongs to this group. The Ornithischia, on the other hand, has bird bones that enable them to fly. Archaeopteryx is an example of this group.
You will find some reference books that discuss the bone composition of a dinosaur. Since there are no dinosaurs that exist these days, researchers and scientists relied on dinosaur fossils to explain these animals’ behavior. Some museums hold important facts about dinosaur bones. They display huge skeletons of dinosaurs.
Dinosaur bones have a complex skeletal network. Large dinosaurs have strong bones to be able to support their massive weight and size.
There is also a lot of information that has been gathered about the dinosaur eggs. This information focuses on the appearance and the kind of dinosaur that the egg came from. The texture of the egg can determine the dinosaur’s specie. The dinosaur egg varies in size and shapes. The size depends on the kind of specie.
There is much other information about dinosaurs that are very interesting to know. Try to read more about them and you will enjoy exploring the history.

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