3 Reasons Why You Have A Receding Hairline

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In today’s world you see a lot of men with a receding hairline. It’s no surprise however, as in today’s world there are more and more things that affect our lifestyle and in turn affect our health and our body’s well being.
Most people lose their confidence through hair loss too. Who can blame them though? When we have celebrities sporting new thousand dollar hair do’s every other week in magazines, newspapers, television shows and even right here on the internet.
We always feel like someone is looking at our bald patch or someone can see past our side shed! I know that I used to feel this way before.
Other than a family history of hair loss and balding, we should be looking out for how many strands of hair we lose per day! Tests show that up to 100 hairs fall out of our heads a day naturally. This is acceptable because of the number hairs that will grow back in up to every 12 weeks is around about the same amount.
I do accept that it is near impossible to track exactly the number of hairs you lose per day, but if you’re noticing it’s more than normal just try and count the amount of time you find loose hairs on your couch, bed, clothes etc.
So, as the title of this article suggests, I would say there are three main factors/causes of hair loss.

Medication: Anyone undergoing chemotherapy for cancer treatment and anyone taking drugs for arthritis, depression, gout and heart problems can contribute massively to baldness.

There are side effects that come from certain medications such as lithium, isotretinoin and some other dieting pills that have amphetamines in them are known to cause hair loss, more so amongst teenage users.

Undergoing medical treatments: As stated above, undergoing chemotherapy or any kind of radiation therapy can be the end of your hair altogether as it can destroy your hair form the roots, and even in some severe cases, cause alopecia, which will make you permanently bald.

Badly nourished and bad nutrition: People who are into fad diets and “yo-yo dieting” lead to eating disorders that cause under nutrition are hugely exposed to hair loss.

Experts revealed recently that when someone is poorly nourished, there isn’t a sufficient amount of nutrients like vitamin and minerals to sustain a strong growth of hair.
People who consume enough protein and iron in their diets will more likely suffer from hair fall. This is because they are the most important components needed to strengthen your hair and allow it to grow.
However, despite having a receding hairline me and you both can remain confident. So long as we take steps to avoid rapid hair loss.
You know what they say… “A ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure!”

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