June 9, 2023



Woman coaching for marathon shot in hip in Vancouver

Alicia Nilo was shot Oct 21, bullet nonetheless embedded in human body

VANCOUVER, Clean. (KOIN) — Alicia Nilo was jogging together Padden Parkway in Vancouver in the afternoon of October 21, component of her marathon instruction when she was shot. By coincidence, a law enforcement officer was nearby and was ready to assistance her as soon as they recognized she was wounded.

Her mom, Jessie Nilo, is shocked by what took place to her 26-yr-outdated daughter.

“You would not anticipate to be out performing some exercising on a minor town path and have anything like this occur,” Jessie explained to KOIN 6 Information. “She was just education and getting thrilled about the race. She was functioning and she felt a stabbing agony in her hip. And she looked down and the material was ripped and she had a wound. And she understood she had been shot.”

Alicia Nilo. seen in an undated photo, was shot when training for a marathon in Vancouver. November 8, 2021. (Sam Nilo)

She mentioned the law enforcement who attended to her daughter “were in duck-and-go over manner mainly because they didn’t know if there was an energetic shooter. It was very terrifying.”

Now she explained Alicia, who was pretty lively and involved in the arts group, is heading to want to learn to walk again.

“She does not have mobility. She’s experienced to get a walker and a wheelchair. It’s genuinely distressing for her to go,” Jessie explained. “The bullet is even now embedded in her hip.”

In accordance to a GoFundMe Jessie set up to aid her daughter, “surgeons identified the bullet so deeply, intricately lodged that it cannot perhaps be retrieved without leading to major harm to her nerves and inside organs.”

GoFundMe: Support Alicia Nilo just after she was shot

The Clark County Sheriff’s Business proceeds to examine but no one particular has yet been arrested. The Nilos want the community’s assist in acquiring out who the shooter is.

“You kind of experience helpless,” Jessie claimed. “I guess which is how I truly feel right now.”