February 2, 2023



Nonetheless much more proof NY’s education and learning leaders detest excellence

Shameless: The State Training Department on Tuesday canceled subsequent week’s Regents examination in US historical past and govt, on the preposterous grounds that some queries could “compound” college student trauma above the Buffalo grocery store shooting.

Sorry: If the young children can not cope with questions, they shouldn’t be using any checks. At most, allow for waivers for the handful of students who, say, shed family members in the massacre.

But by natural means Training Commissioner Betty Rosa’s following step is to inquire the Board of Regents to permit each and every child who was to choose the test qualify for a Regents substantial-college diploma as if they’d handed it. (They fortunately will, due to the fact most Regents despise all significant-stakes tests.)

But that doesn’t assistance young ones who want a great score to acquire AP credits for university, or just want to display off their understanding.

The go follows two a long time of many Regents cancellations on several COVID excuses. Quickly they’ll be blaming the climate, or “traumatizing” election success.

This is “gambling . . . with our children’s education and learning,” warns Frances Kweller, who directs a tutoring middle that preps kids for condition examinations. “They are canceling the entire test on just one week’s discover? What message does that ship to youngsters who ready for 10 months?”

The concept is, once once again: The people in charge of training in the Empire State are outright enemies of excellence.