March 28, 2023



Is Putting up a Professor’s Materials Online Regarded Cheating? | Cohen Seglias Pallas Greenhall & Furman Computer

You may possibly be amazed to learn how putting up examine elements on the internet can get you accused of an educational honor code violation. For example, right after getting a notably challenging class, you may well be tempted to share the professor’s elements with future learners to help them get a head-start on the system.

You could be carrying out this with the very best of intentions, but retain in brain that the professor may take into consideration people resources to be their intellectual property and your college honor code may look at this to be some kind of plagiarism or other academic honor violation.

Quite a few universities will have a area in their code of conduct determining program elements as the professor’s mental home. So be certain to look at that and examine your professor’s syllabus for prohibitions and restrictions on the use of the professor’s supplies.

Do you tutor other college students or receive tutoring yourself? Be wary of whether or not putting up materials on such platforms as kahoot! or Quizlet may well also operate afoul of academic honor codes.

At DC Pupil Protection, we have many years of practical experience defending learners from on the web dishonest accusations and tutorial dishonesty disciplinary rates. Examine on to learn far more about the repercussions of publishing your professor’s program supplies on the internet.